Pedalma Mad-Bcn

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since I dont use this wordpress I created few years ago but i’m back at it, trying to fill it with some new experiences.

I just came back from Spain where I raced my first ultra race on my fixed gear from Madrid to Barcelona.

The race took place on friday 11/06/2021 at 06:00PM at the sports center Vicalvaro in Madrid.

The format was simple 700km with 7000mt of positive elevation, 50 hours time limit, 50 participants.

As I said it was my first race of this kind and I found it super cool.

I arrived to the registration with my girlfriend and a friend, Fabian Burri, a swiss ultra experienced ultraracer but first a friend.

The registration and the briefing were super nice Oscar explained us every aspect of the race and all the thing we should know about the course, we also got interviewed =D.

We received a starter pack plenty of goodies (tshirt, caps, food supplies, hot and cold creams and many more).

Just before the race my girlfriend, Fabian and I decided to have some food, he had a vegan pizza and we shared a tortilla of potatoes and some raisins.

Back to the sport center we took the trackers for the race and we turned on our gps, to be sure everything was running properly.

At the starting line there were 47 participants, mostly Spanish.

I was kind of shy and I decided to put myself on the side of Fabian, at the end of the group and after some minutes of presentation of all the participants the organizers make us start in a perfect timing!

The first km’s started with the group compact and actually pretty fast, in factjust after 10 minutes from the start I turned and with a sneer on my face I told Fabian “I really want to know how long they can keep this pace!?”

Slightly become darker and the wind increased.

I started to see in the distance some flash of an incoming storm and I didn’t had any fright for that. After few kms it started the rain and we were not anymore as compact as the beginning, some in front some back.

My mind was settled up to keep my pace, no matter what weather or position.

I ended up riding with David, Albert and Sally (one of the three girl racing with an incredible high cadence in the climbings).

We get to CP1 in Cifuentes with no issues and we stopped just 5 to 10 minutes to fill up the bottles and to wear some extra clothes for the rain that followed us until CP2 in Nuevalos, exactly 242km after the start.

As soon as we get to CP2 Albert start to feel so much pain in the knee and Sally stopped to charge her lights some kms before. David and I decided to go on direction CP3 knowing that after only 10kms was starting the “gravel” part explained during the briefing, pot holes full of water every meter were definitely a nice challenge for all the participants but we managed to get out without any flat.

After somemore kms David unexpectedly had a flat but with no indecision told me “go on!”, but I thought that could be a good moment for me to eat a sandwiches I prepared in the morning of the race 😀 in less than 10 minutes he changed it and we started back.

In not much time we started to see again some lights of riders that overtook us at CP2.

Closer and closer until we reach and overtake them again.

The light of the day started to raise up and I was feeling very good, that good that I started to raise up my pace.

I reached CP3 in Belchite at 9:09AM when the heat of the day began to grow really intensively.

Two surprises were waiting for me: the incredible heat and the 100km without water source or shade.

Definitely hard moments but i didn’t give up and I dose efficiently all the water I had.

Meanwhile I was riding along this infinite hot road i started to get messages from all my family and friends, they were updating me about the classification of the race.

Unexpectedely I was third!!

I thought there was an error but no, I was there at 8/10 kms from the fourth.

I tried to keep going as fast as I could to maintain the gap between us.

Little by little i increased it until i reach CP4 in Mequinenza at 01:15pm. The view over there was a stunning mix of canyons and rivers, the Rio Ebro and the El Segre.

I knew that was not the end of the race but I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I went back on my bike as fast as possible and I started back to pedal on the way of the last CP before Barcelona.

I found many steeps hills, in one of them I had to get down from the bike and push it, the heat was giving me the first allucinations, looking back I saw the shade of a cyclist chasing me but after few minutes I looked back again and no one was there for kms and kms.

I finally reeached around 18:20 the CP5, the last, in St.Coloma de Queralt, at 585kms from the start.

My brain realized that I was pedaling with no rest since more than 24 hours.

I ask the organizers of the race how many uphills there were left and they said, “just one of 3kms long” LIARSSS hahaha, the last 100kms were infinite, a constant up and down and again up and again down. I felt kind of exhausted.

Incredibly I made it to the city of Barcelona where i finished in a third position overall with a total time of 28 hours and 36 minutes in which I have not had a single minute of sleep or rest.

I brought home one of the best cycling experience of my life that i will never forget.

I should thanks all the guys of Pedalma that worked hard for months to make us living this beautiful and unforgivable experience.

To my girlfriend Carlota that was my best supporter pre and post race!

To all my friends supporting me from home!

To everyone involved in this amazing race!



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